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How to play

Step 1: Collect your Team

Get your competitive Team together. 5 players required (4 players + 1 substitute player)

Step 2: Save Slot

Get one of 32 limited slots and sign up with your team name.

Step 3: Play GU Cups

Play matches for achievements, cash and CWL seats.

GU Online Cup Europe (Infinite Warfare / Xbox One)

GU Online SnD Cup Europe (MWR / Xbox One)

Our vision

Our vision with Gaming University is to make Competitive Gaming as accessable as possible for amateurs and Non-Professionals. We believe that there is so much non-activated e-Sports talent throughout Europe just because of the lack of information and rather intransparent websites or pricing models.

Gaming University is the first educational institution for Competitive Call of Duty Gaming.
Our customer-faced services include standardized and individualized coaching to help teams and solo-players to develop their full potential. 

Featured Teams by Gaming University 
DdW - NxR - noTec - druSja - KF - deNy - iL - GarishJansey - eXe